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Thank you for your interest in “At the Market for Women!” where women

 shop, support and learn! 

The market is differentiating itself from other vendor events by providing NETWORKING opportunities and education for women business owners. We look for business owners who are serious about growing their businesses, who will participate in the program, add value to the group and promote wellbeing. 

It is also a FUN place to shop, make new friends, support local small businesses and local non-profits, and learn from our business educators, professional guest speakers and demonstrations. 

There is always something new at the market!

Below are the requirements and information for the events. Please read through, request an application, get approval, make your payment and reserve your space. We fill up fast! 

2019 VENUE


Red Roof Inn & Conference Center

 6815 W Kellogg Dr.

 Wichita, KS

Indoors Event

2019 Market Dates


March 23, April 27, May 18, June 22, July 27, September 21, October 26, November 23, December 7


 You may choose and reserve your dates through the application and you will be added to the roster. However, your space is not secured until you pay for it. If someone else representing your company pays before you, you lose your spot. 

NEW! Early Bird Rate | **SOLD OUT for 2019**

 We are offering a discounted membership rate for those who want to secure 

their spots for the whole year.

Membership Fee: For ALL Seven Selling Months, March - October, at a discounted rate of $25 a month for a total of $150

Qualifies you for both Holiday Events at a discounted rate of $40 for a total of $80

TOTAL Year Savings: $70

Payment Schedule for Selling Months: $150 due in January OR Two payments split - one payment due in January for $75 and second payment of $75 due in February. 

Payment due for Holiday Events: $80 by September 1 to secure holiday events.

Memberships are limited and only offered one time a year at the beginning of each year.

PAY BY Month Fee: March - October | ***SPACE STILL Available for 2019!***

  •  $30 per table top booth space 
  •  $15 + tax  for extra space (for roll bars, shelving, displays, signage) 

Non-profit Fees:

· $15 per table top booth space for all events

· $15 + tax  for extra space


  • $5  + Tax  for electricity
  • NOTE:   Due to Allergies we ask that oil diffusers or melting pots not be used with products in order to make our space palatable for those who suffer from allergies. No candles may be burned. Limit spraying perfumes/oils. Thank you.  
  • $5 to have 100 shopping bags stuffed with a coupon to drive customers to web presence/social media pages. You provide coupon. Suggested: open ended coupon (no expiry date) For Independent Business owners or for Direct Sales who participate every month.

HOLIDAY RATES: November & December

  If you have participated in the market for four months or more, you will receive the holiday rate of $45 each month. Payment Due by September 1 to secure space for one or both months.

Less than four months of participation you will pay the holiday rates of $50 per 8’ space per month. Payments due by September 1 to secure space.

Extra fees remain the same.


Those joining us for the Holiday Events only will not be able to secure their market dates until all active/current market businesses have chosen and paid for their spots for the holiday events. Holiday Rates of $55 per month. Payment due upon request to secure space.


  • ALL payments are to be made through the invoice that will be sent via email. 
  • No refunds.  All fees paid are non-refundable.  It is your responsibility to find an approved replacement if you are not able to honor the commitment that you have paid for.
  • Only your payment secures your spot, not your reservation.

We use a first come, first to pay process to secure space. 

We reserve the right to refuse any business’ participation for any reason. 



· No refunds after you have secured your spot with payment. No transfer of funds to another date.

· If you are not able to keep your reservations, let us know as soon as possible via email to:  info@sunnidaiz.com

· You are 100% responsible to find a replacement and must give the organizers your replacements name, company name and email address for approval. 



March – October: 9am – 2pm

  • 9:00 am – 9:30 am -Set Up
  • 9:30 am – 10:30 am -Networking and Business Education Meeting
  • 10:30 am – 1:30 pm -Open to Public 
  • 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm -Tear Down

November – December: 9am – 3pm**

  • 9:00 am – 9:30 am -Set Up
  • 9:30 am – 10:30 am -Networking and Business Education Meeting
  • 10:30  am – 2:30 pm -Open to Public 
  • 2:30  pm – 3:00 pm -Tear Down

**Holiday hours may be extended past 3:00pm if we outgrow our capacity!


  • Booth reservations are limited to one representation of each company.
  • Vendors will not be allowed to come late to the event to set up.
  • The organizers do not provide help with unloading or loading, please bring your own helpers.
  • Product Balance: Each event will have a balance of the type of products that will be represented at each event. In other words, we will ensure that the whole market is not made up of all “skin care” or all  “jewelry”. 
  • These are  “family” friendly events. Companies who handle “adult” products/clothing or have labels on their products that allude to something questionable  will not be allowed to participate. 
  • You may be asked to submit a photo of your  product before a determination is made 
  • Special space requests will also be determined and honored if the venue allows.
  • Only one helper per booth during the event. 
  • Only one Company Represented per booth.

Venue Provisions

  • One 8’ table covered with black linen table cloth (no skirting)
  • In some cases, service type businesses will have 6’ tables due to spacing issues in the venue.
  • If you need two spaces/tables, indicate at time of reservation. Special requirements: a table plus room for roll bars, shelving etc. will count as an extra space needed.
  • 1 to 2 chairs per table
  • Electricity for normal use only. Indicate if you need electricity at time of reservation.
  • WiFi
  • Ample Parking
  • Vending Machines - Water, Soda, Candy, Snacks, Sandwiches
  • Public Restrooms – ADA accessible

Set up/Tear Down


You will have access to the building at 9am and will have 30 minutes to set up and tear down. All entry doors must be cleared by 9:30am. 

Why 30 minutes? These events are NETWORKING events. Bring only a good representation of your items. Use this to your advantage to drive people to your websites, store fronts, and other sites to do business with you after the event. Use it as a teaser to make our guests want to explore more with you. Show your catalogues, have your web up on your lap top, etc.

Holiday events: you may reserve two spaces to show more of your items for our shoppers if we have the space to do so. Fees will apply.

Please keep the venue tidy during the event and throw all your trash and trash around your area away before you leave the venue. 

PLEASE, DO NOT TEAR DOWN UNTIL THE LAST CUSTOMER HAS LEFT! This is for safety purposes!!! And it is rude that a customer is made to feel less than. People show up at the last minute, that’s just the way it is. 


When You Arrive


  • Stop at the check in table to confirm your reservation and to receive any further instructions. 
  • Your assigned table(s) will be marked with your company name plate. 
  • We will try not to have two of the same type of products next to each other, but that may not always be possible. 
  • If you want to be next to your friend, you will need to indicate that when you sign up. We will try to make it happen! 


Prize Drawing Rules

Prize drawings are a draw to the event!  

REQUIRED: Every vendor must participate in prize drawings! 

  • Each business will set up and provide their own drawing slips and container at their table.
  • Drawings must be held at the time of closing .
  • Prize winners and the items that they won will be submitted to the organizers at the time of closing.
  • Prize winners and what they won will be posted on Facebook.
  • Prizes CANNOT be discounted offers, require a formal meeting, party, or come with any other strings attached.
  • Prizes need to be tangible items.
  • Gift Cards/Gift Certificates given need to equal the value of your average price points to that the winner can have an item for FREE from your business if they choose or they may use it towards a more expensive item.

If you cannot give away your own product or services you may find an alternative way to gift. Restaurant Gift cards, box of chocolates, Movie Tickets, etc. are good examples.

Winners must receive their items within a timely manner.

If the organizers receive any complaints about the way a prize was awarded, we will take it under advisory and make a determination towards a better outcome for the winner.

All businesses qualify to enter these drawings!


Sponsorship Grand Prize

  If there is a Sponsorship Grand Prize giveaway, there will only be one sponsorship grand prize given away at any one event. Our guest will receive ONE  ticket for every $10 that is spent at a booth. 

Prize Drawing Tickets are provided by the market organizer.

The drawing will take place one hour before we close, and the winner must be present. 

Guest may leave and come back for the drawing.

Use this to your advantage. If someone buys $25, upsell them to $30 so they can get another raffle ticket!

Vendors, Vendor Helpers, Market Volunteers, Market Planning Team

 DO NOT qualify to win this prize.


 If you wish to do a presentation with your product, please reserve your spot to be listed on the demonstration schedule as soon as possible. 

Presentations and demonstrations can take place at your booth space. 

Let us know if you are doing a demonstration at time of reservation. 

Topics and presentations must be pre-approved.


Requirements for all Businesses


Invite 150-200 guests, customers or friends to the Facebook Event Page!

If you cannot make this requirement, let us know so we can 

work with you on an alternative plan.


A Facebook Events page is created for each event. Business Owners will be made administrators/hosts so that posts, pictures and videos, 

comments can be made without permissions. 

Share the event and invite your 150-200 guests to the events page. Post your specials for the event and tag your friends. Include your links with your ads! 

As organizers of the event, we can see who is inviting their following to the FACEBOOK EVENTS PAGE as required to be a part of “At the Market for Women!” 


The organizers of this event are required to report to the State of Kansas all vendors who participate at each event.

If you are not registered with the State of Kansas as a business you will not be allowed to participate at our events.

If you are a MLM (multi-level)/Direct Sales you are covered by your Company.

Non-Profits: the Maket may request proof of non-protit status.

If you are required to collect sales tax, please make sure that your EIN/Sales Tax Form is visible at your table.

Sales Tax Rate for Wichita:  7.5%

Market Challenges = Business Growth

The Market's goal is to help you, the business owner grow your business. We randomly do "Vendor Challenges" to help you promote your business. 

We ask that you participate in these challenges during the promotional space before an event, even if they are out of your comfort zone! 

The purpose for doing these is to teach you how to use some social media tools to help you grow your online presence. 

If you do not understand the challenge or how to do it, let us know, we are here to help you!

Tthere are prizes and recognitions to be had for your participation!


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