"It Is What It Is...But It Wasn't A Tragedy" book

It Is What It Is...But It Wasn't A Tragedy Book

Book #1 in the series

Read this true life story book and find encouragement from the author's words as she shares her experiences. Learn how she found peace, stays positive, and has developed a strong faith that can get her through any of life's crazy obstacles.    

Debra grew up the sheriff's kid, discovered after she had married her first husband that he had connections to the mob, and lost a fiancé tragically a few months before their wedding.

Her life's story includes crime stories, intrigue, and mysteries. 

Take the roller coaster ride with her as she speaks candidly about her life's trials and storms and witness first hand how her life serves as a warning and encouragement to others. 

338 Pages.

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A portion of the  annual book sales for this book series will be given to WIN! The Women's Initiative Network. WIN  offers a supportive environment for women in transition, providing social, educational and general life skills that allow them to regain job security in today's work force.


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"It Is What It Is...But It Wasn't A Tragedy"