Excerpts Book #1

It Is What It Is...But It Wasn't A Tragedy


"...He had me accompany him down the alley, and I soon found myself at knife point. He took me down into a dry creek bed and I saw a pile of bloody entrails. I'm guessing that he had already slaughtered a small animal to make his point. As we stood there looking at those innards, he told me that when he got through with me, I would look just like the slaughtered mess that I was staring at. He had some newspapers already wadded up and he stuffed them into my mouth. Then he continued to describe to me how my death was going to happen."

FROM CHAPTER  FOUR:            
"...My brother and I loved Halloween and mom would sometimes make our outfits. We would hit the neighborhoods trying to fill up our sacks with candy! One year my brother dressed up as Superman in a store bought costume that was red and blue with a cape and it had the big letter 'S' stamped on the chest. He kept that outfit after Halloween and would wear it around the house and play in it from time to time. Our playroom was in the basement and one day he stood at the top of the wooden stairs with all of his Superman powers, because, after all, he had on the suit. He asked me if I thought he could fly. I was at the bottom of the stairs playing on the cement floor. "Of course you can, you are Superman!" I flippantly responded. So away he went by launching himself into mid-air, but hit all of the wooden stairs, thump, thump, and thump all the way down to the cement floor below and splattered. Mom came running when she heard the scream...uh, I was in my mid-thirties before I ever admitted to mom what had really happened that day."

"...I had dated men who had the capability to be dangerous. Some of them even threatened to kill me when I left them, and some stalked me for a while. I had made some decisions that could have turned our very, very badly. Most of the moral things that used to matter to me were all basically gone! The "things" of this world slowly took over my soul."

"...Bubba then picked up the man welding the knife and threw him down a flight of stairs, killing him instantly. Bubba was arrested and eventually went to prison for murder. Mr. X was rushed out of the building before the police arrived and was taken to a mansion somewhere in Kansas City where he was sewn up by a doctor who was owned by the mob.

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Excerpt Book #2

Making Wise Choises...the most important life skill to master


Many years ago a person with great insight told me that the most important thing you could teach a child is how to make wise choices. As I listened to their statement unfold, I, of course, started to argue the point in my mind.  

“I think the most important thing you can teach a child is how to become a Christ follower.” I hastily spurted out of my mouth. Then quickly retreated my words and said, “Oh, yeah, that’s a choice.”

And so it is, the most important thing to have is the knowledge and the understanding to make wise decisions in every aspect of our daily grind. It is a life skill to be mastered. But, how do we do that? How do we handle the curve balls that are thrown at us? Will we always get it right?

I have chosen forty-eight life lesson topics from out of my own personal story to use in this Bible study. We are always learning, and learning from our past behaviors is necessary for us to grow so that we can make corrections and get it right, well, at least most of the time. Life will always be a work in progress. Thank goodness for God’s grace!

This is not an in-depth Bible study but one that scratches the surface on many topics that we, or someone else we may know of, could at some point encounter. We will read and learn from the Word and see what God has to say on each subject. My prayer is that this study will help people make wise choices as they meet the tough and oftentimes confusing forks in the road that they will come upon during their journeys.

Will we always get it right? No. But we do have a Father in heaven who is full of grace, mercy, love, and second chances.

While living on this side of heaven, we will all struggle with many issues. I hope that by using my life story as an example and the life stories of those recorded in the Bible, readers and students will heed the warnings, be encouraged, find hope, and understand what our Lord and Savior has always intended for our lives. He longs for us to choose to have a close relationship with Him, a relationship that will bring great joy into our lives and bring honor and glory to the Father!

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