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About Author/Speaker Debra Lee

How it began



                    Debra Lee, Author & Speaker, started sharing her story publicly over fifteen years ago. She speaks at women’s retreats, clubs, small groups, network events, and churches. Visit the Bookings page for more information on how to book her for a speaking engagement and/or book signing event.   Sunni Daiz Inspiration officially began in 2013 with the release of “It Is What It Is…but it wasn’t a tragedy”. Debra is very transparent as she shares her story of overcoming and redemption. 

A message of HOPE and Encouragement is brought to those who are struggling with real-life issues.

The Faith Talks Line



Faith Talks Jewelry & Gifts was added to the Sunni Daiz Inspiration brand in the Spring of 2018 to help support the ministry and enable Debra to get her story and her books into the hands of those who cannot afford them. 

Faith Talks is an easy way for women of faith to wear and share their faith with others. Learn about the guarantee here.

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At the Market for Women! shop.support.learn.



 “At the Market for Women!” events are hosted by Sunni Daiz Inspiration with the purpose of providing a FUN shopping experience, to support local non-profits who are helping women in our community, and to provide educational content that is of interest to women through professional speakers and presentations. 

Please join us each month and bring a friend! 

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More About the Ministry!

Bible Study Classes


The "Making Wise Choices" Bible study is taught once a year from January through June. Learn more here!

Crisis Management



Debra is certified in crisis management and  helps women process life changing events. Contact Debra to learn more about the ministry or to schedule an appointment. info@sunnidaiz.com





To read more of what Debra has to say on a variety of subjects, check out her blog site! 




Giving Back! Debra gives a portion of her annual book sales to The Women’s Initiative Network. Debra is very passionate about domestic violence recovery and supports this organization that is making a difference in women's lives. Learn more here: http://www.wichitawin.org/

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