Author and Keynote Speaker Debra Lee

Living with an Attitude of Gratitude

Faith-Based Keynotes

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Author/Speaker Debra Lee

Inspirational and Keynote Speaker Debra Lee brings a message of hope and encouragement to her audiences.

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Encouraging Books

Books Written by Author Debra Lee

"It Is What It Is...But It Wasn't A Tragedy"

"Making Wise Choices...the most important life style to master"

"My Thankful Gratefuls"

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Women's Bible Study

Making Wise Choices Bible Study

Join the Making Wise Choices Bible Study Group! Learn how to make better choices for your life through this 6 month class led 

by Author and Keynote Speaker, Debra Lee.

Inspirational Blogs

Blogs written by Author Debra Lee

Debra, Author and Keynote Speaker, writes on a variety of topics to help inspire and encourage us to  make better decisions so that we can live a more peaceful and fulfilled life. 

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